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1 Family and relations

2 The human body, external parts

3 The human body, internal parts

4 Accidents and illness

5 Groceries and purchasing

6 Groceries and kitchenware

7 Cooking and meals

8 Clothes and shoes

9 Clothes and jewellery

10 House and residence

11 Kitchen and bathroom, (bath US)

12 Living rom, bedroom and hall

13 Needlework and cleaning

14 Tools and materials

15 School, training and education

16 Post and bank

17 City and traffic

18 Car and bicycle

19 Music and musical instruments

20 Computing, media and library

21 Athletics, sports and outdoor life

22 Nature and landscape

23 Trees and bushes

24 Flowers and fungi

25 Life in and by the sea

26 Birds

27 Mammals, reptiles and insects

28 Farm animals, pets and gardening

29 Agriculture

30 Time

31 Figures and colours, (colors US)

32 Wind and weather

33 Units of measurement and signs

Utdanningsdirektoratet, Uni Computing 2015.